Washington State : Auditor’s Office Convenience Contract

WA Auditor

Review current software estimation processes, recommend process improvements, support implementation of process improvements. Typical results: Reduced costs of estimation by 50%, improved estimation accuracy to within 20% (high level); and 10% (scope level).

Review current IT performance versus industry benchmarks, recommend process or organizational changes as appropriate, prepare briefings for both IT and business units. Typical results: Improved software development efficiency by 20%, significantly increased business unit satisfaction with IT development group.

Assist in release planning, resource allocation, quality oversight, and system integration strategy as part of mergers.

Assist in out-sourced development negotiations. Typical results: cost savings of greater than 25%.

Washington State Auditor’s Office Convenience Contract

Point of Contact

William Roetzheim, CEO

13518 Jamul Drive Jamul,

CA 91935


(619) 917-4917

(619) 374-7311 fax

Team Members


Scope of Work

Provide the State Auditor’s Office with subject matter expertise in the areas of Advanced Data Analysis Audits and Investigations; Business Process Design (Process engineering), with an emphasis on benchmark supported process improvement and value engineering; Cost Allocation; Enterprise Risk Assessment and Risk Management; Financial Analysis and Projections; Cost recovery; Performance Measurement and/or Management; Procurement; Project Management; Quality Assurance; and Tax and Revenue.