SPAWAR 1.6 Cost Estimation Support


Review current software estimation processes, recommend process improvements, support implementation of process improvements. Typical results: Reduced costs of estimation by 50%, improved estimation accuracy to within 20% (high level); and 10% (scope level).

Review current IT performance versus industry benchmarks, recommend process or organizational changes as appropriate, prepare briefings for both IT and business units. Typical results: Improved software development efficiency by 20%, significantly increased business unit satisfaction with IT development group.

Assist in release planning, resource allocation, quality oversight, and system integration strategy as part of mergers.

Assist in out-sourced development negotiations. Typical results: cost savings of greater than 25%.

SPAWAR 1.6 Cost Estimation Support

Point of Contact

William Roetzheim, CEO

13518 Jamul Drive Jamul,

CA 91935

(619) 917-4917

(619) 374-7311 fax

Team Members


Tecolote Research, Inc.

Project Time and Cost

Programmatics Engineering Group

Kalman and Company, Inc.


Scope of Work

SPAWAR’s vision and strategy in support of the Navy’s strategic goals is to provide, support, and modernize the Information Dominance capability Information Dominance Systems encompassing the fields of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance, Cyber Warfare, Command and Control, Information and Knowledge Management, Communication Systems and enabling technologies including meteorological and oceanography.  This contract supports SPAWAR in the areas of defending and documenting all cost analyses such as the development of time-phased PLCCEs, Section C of the Program’s Acquisition Program Baselines (APBs); independent cost evaluations and assessments such as Business Case Analyses (BCAs), Economic Analyses, and Analysis of Alternatives (AoAs); cost risk/uncertainty analyses, trend analyses, variance analyses, and sensitivity analyses; Program Objective Memorandum/Program Review (POM/PR) budget submissions, support to a program milestone decision or decision reviews and gate reviews, development of acquisition strategies and other acquisition-related documentation normally required for major decision-making events; development of cost databases, cost estimating relationships (CERs) or cost factors; Cost as an Independent Variable (CAIV) analyses; Integrated Program Management (IPM) analyses or other unique cost reporting for major Acquisition Category (ACAT) Programs.