Planning, Budgeting, Monitoring


Level 4’s support for the planning, programming, budgeting and monitoring (PPBE) cycle includes:

Planning:  Identifying and tailoring required deliverables; development of integrated project master work breakdown structures and schedules; and development of project management supporting plans (e.g., Risk Management Plan).

Programming:  Supporting the process of optimally selecting and scheduling of projects within a resource constrained environment, and forecasting the impact of various possible scenarios for project execution.

Budgeting:  Budget formulation, justification, and execution.  Part of this work involves working within organization specific review, approval, and oversight structures for projects.

Monitoring:  Monitoring project and portfolio performance using a combination of fiduciary oversight (e.g., expenditure reconciliation) and techniques such as earned value management (EVM).  ExcelerPlan implements an extension to traditional EVM with support for monitoring project health across the dimensions of schedule, cost, effort, quality, and risk.