Acquisition Support


Level 4 has experience supporting all aspects of large, complex information technology acquisitions from feasibility through on-going project change management.  Examples of acquisitions we have supported include five taxation system modernization projects ($1B total value); three IV-D (child support) system modernization projects ($1.25B total); five IV-A (welfare) system modernization projects ($3B total).  Our support is generally centered on:


  • Feasibility studies (cost estimates, benefit estimates, alternative analysis);

  • Development of RFPs with an emphasis on the cost volume, terms and conditions, and evaluation criteria;

  • Evaluation support with an emphasis on cost realism and reasonableness, risk analysis, and negotiation support;

  • On-going oversight with an emphasis on change management, risk management, earned value/performance tracking, integrated project management, and independent verification and validation (IV&V); and

  • Transition support with an emphasis on transition planning, transition services acquisition, transition risk management, and alternative analysis.