State and Local Government


We have been active in supporting State government in general, and child support and taxation systems in particular, since 1992.  Support has included feasibility studies; procurement support; cost-benefit studies; fee analysis; independent government cost estimates; project oversight; special studies; and strategic planning.  We have supported all three major taxation agencies in California in the area of system modernization/strategy; and we have supported IV-A/IV-D (welfare/child support) system modernizations in California, Colorado and Texas.  Our list of state government customers includes:
  • Arizona, Department of Transportation

  • California, Board of Equalization

  • California, City of Los Angeles

  • California, County of Los Angeles

  • California, County of San Diego

  • California, Department of Child Support Services

  • California, Department of General Services

  • California, Department of Motor Vehicles

  • California, Department of Social Services

  • California, Department of Water Resources

  • California, Employment Development Dept.

  • California, Franchise Tax Board

  • California, Health and Human Services

  • California, Highway Patrol

  • California, Legislative Analyst’s Office

  • California, Office of System Integration

  • California, Office of the State Public Defender

  • California, Public Utility Commission

  • Colorado, Department of Human Services

  • Colorado, Department of Motor Vehicles

  • Florida, Agency for Workforce Innovation

  • Texas, Department of Human Services

  • Washington, Employment Security Department

  • Washington, State Treasurer


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California DCSS
California FTB
California DSS